Teeanger helped with East Coast floods rescue in Yarmouth

paul thirtle floods

paul thirtle floods - Credit: Archant

I REALLY enjoyed reading the picture supplement about the 1953 floods in last week’s Mercury (and seeing my 50th birthday message from my family in the Announcements!).

I found two photographs of my uncle Noel Robinson helping people after the floods.

I spoke to my Mum, Barbara Bailey (nee Robinson) and she told me my Nanny Clara and Grandad Alec Robinson used to live in Well Street with their three children Noel, Barbara (my Mum) and Norma.

In 1952, Yarmouth Council offered them two houses: one on Stafford Road, Southtown. At that time my Nanny worked for Dr Marwood (who lived in Barnard Avenue, Newtown) so they didn’t accept the offer which was just as well because Southtown was badly flooded. The other house was in Jellicoe Road so Nanny could walk to work. They moved in in September 1952.

On Sunday, February 1, 1953, after lunch my uncle Noel Robinson went with Jimmy Brewer (the proprietor of Brewer’s Chip Stall on Yarmouth Market) to see how they could help people who were flooded. Uncle Noel was in the Boys’ Brigade.

This was in the days before people had mobile phones. Uncle Noel was aged 14 and my Nanny and Grandad were very worried about him when he did not return for his tea.

A knock came at the door and they were expecting to see the police with bad news. Instead it was Mr Brewer with Noel wanting to tell the family what a wonderful job Noel had done helping to rescue people.

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The photographs show the cleaning up operation in Blackfriars Road. Pictured are my Uncle Noel Robinson, Charlie Jones, Peter and Michael Curtis. There are two people who we cannot identify - perhaps your readers can help?


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