Planned day was ruined for pet dog and myself by train cancellation

Brandon Lewis has described the train service between Great Yarmouth and Norwich as 'totally unaccep

Brandon Lewis has described the train service between Great Yarmouth and Norwich as 'totally unacceptable'. Picture: James Bass - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2015

I love travelling by train. I love the fact we pass through countryside, and see little traffic on the way - and there are no dual carriageways.

But I don’t love having my planned day ruined by there not being a train from Great Yarmouth when I have pre-booked tickets (sometimes several weeks in advance) and then arrive at the station to find my train is cancelled!

I don’t want to go by bus - and neither does my Border Collie dog, Jess, who accompanies me on my travels since I retired.

Jess doesn’t like buses and buses don’t like her. There have been many occasions when I have been refused boarding until the queue has cleared and I have been forced to stand, with Jess, as there are no seats left. This is so wrong.

I sympathise with your reporter who brings his bicycle to work (how refreshing to read of a person travelling from Norwich to Yarmouth and not driving!), and finds he could be refused to continue his journey as the bus driver may refuse his cycle on board.

Great Yarmouth is very, very badly served by the train company. The trains are appalling; they should be smart and welcoming. Great Yarmouth is a major tourism and holidaying destination and Greater Anglian should know that.

Oh sorry, we are not important; it is the London line that should take priority. What snobbishness! I hope Greater Anglian respond but I will not be holding my breath.

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Meantime, I shall buy myself a little car for Jess and I to take our outings to Cromer, or Kings Lynn or further, or even closer to home. One less customer for our rail service.