What’s this strange swarming bug then?

The strange bug Hilary Kendrick found in her Hemsby garden

The strange bug Hilary Kendrick found in her Hemsby garden - Credit: Archant

Hemsby resident Hilary Kendrick had a surprise when she went into her garden to find a swarm of strange bugs, and hopes Mercury readers might be able to identify it.

The “tropical” looking flying insect first appeared in the 64-year-old’s garden during a spell of good weather two weeks ago when masses of them gathered on her shed.

Since then they have continued to hang around her shrubs but in smaller numbers as the temperature has dipped off.

Hilary, from Waters Lane, said: “I thought they were very colourful as I can see their yellow bodies flashing when they fly. They just seemed to be drawn towards my shed, which is a very pale lemon colour.”

Hilary described the bugs as being about an inch long with very narrow yellow-coloured bodies and transparent wings. They did not attack or bite but seems to be attracted to the yellow-coloured shed and low growing shrubs.

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