Charity offers free online health and wellbeing packages during lockdown 3.0

Mature woman sitting on exercise mat and doing exercises during an online session

SLT Group’s ‘Positive Change’ package is designed to empower adults to make a positive lifestyle change - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

SLT Group is tackling the Covid-19 pandemic head on and are providing support to those in the community with free online support packages. 

Are you needing a little extra support with your physical and/or mental health? Have you recently been made redundant or are currently unemployed? SLT Group’s ‘Positive Change’ package is designed to empower adults to make a positive lifestyle change to assist them in breaking down barriers into the labour market and improve health and wellbeing.  

The package can be completed in participants’ own time and is delivered through a series of online videos and lecture-style teaching, with 1-2-1 and group support from tutors and a dedicated fitness instructor, who will be on hand virtually to support the learners with their own health and wellbeing.  

Matt Stebbings, community education manager at SLT, said: “Our care package will help our community adapt to the current situation we face and we can offer support to those who want to challenge their own mental and physical wellbeing from home.” 

The course covers the following: gaining health and fitness confidence and goal setting, nutrition, exercise prescription, physical activity, health and behaviour change, employment support, home workouts, next steps and further support. 

Michaela, a Positive Change 2020 learner, said: “I found the package extremely informative; Matt and the team were empathic with people’s needs. I learned information that will aid me in moving forwards to become a healthier person. I now work as a mentor. I will definitely recommend the group to my clients.”  

Learners receive a FREE home workout exercise equipment package worth £100 (subject to T&Cs) and access to the PRO version of SLT’s new health and wellbeing app ‘SLT Group Community’ for the duration of the course and a further three months. 

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Ben Lambert, health and fitness manager, said: “Support packages will help our general populations and those at most risk from missing out on vital health and wellbeing services, to access safe and secure virtual support.  

“These services are vital to many people who need extra health and wellbeing support and we are on hand to support you through these extremely tough times and get you back on the right path to improve your health and wellbeing.” 

For full criteria, eligibility and to sign up, register your interest at or contact Matt on