Ten things that have changed in Great Yarmouth in the last decade

Great Yarmouth 10 year challenge. Picture: Google Streetview

Great Yarmouth 10 year challenge. Picture: Google Streetview - Credit: Google Streetview

As the decade turned and people posted throwback pictures of themselves from ten years ago we thought we could do the same for Great Yarmouth.

The ten year challenge involves sharing a picture of something - usually yourself - next to a more recent shot with the aim of either being funny or showing how good you look compared to years ago.

As our selection shows the snaps of the town are pretty revealing.

In Yarmouth a flick through Google Streetview's album of pictures shows how much has changed.

While some buildings have come down, other have sprung up in their place, landmark pubs have been replaced with homes, and new roads built against a changing backdrop of different skies.

One of the most striking takeaways is the amount of investment with improved roads, and the arrival of big chain names like Premier Inn and Wetherspoons boosting confidence in the town's future.

At St George's Theatre the changes are clear to see.

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Where once the former chapel was surround by a ring of trees there is now a clear view of the majestic building - although at the time there was uproar when a memorial garden was ripped out to make way for the changes.

The iconic White Swan has gone from white to black as it settles into its new role as a fish shop and restaurant, and while the two bears still watch the comings and goings over Haven Bridge they do so from the top of an entirely different building.

Scroll through our photo sliders to see our picks of some of the major changes.

All photos: Google Streetview