A family of five rabbits, which were among more than 20 discovered by a landlord after his previous tenants abandoned them, are currently up for adoption in Norfolk.

East Coast Pet Rescue, based in Great Yarmouth, is making a special appeal as it struggles to find homes for its floppy-eared residents.

A spokesman said: "This week we are appealing for homes for our rabbits.

"Sadly large numbers are surrendered or abandoned, far too many for us to be able to help them all.

"People don't realise that rabbits are very intelligent and sociable animals.

"We are looking for responsible owners who can provide them with suitable housing where they will have plenty of space and access to a permanent run."

Here are the pets currently up for adoption at the rescue centre.

Five female rabbits

A rescue centre spokesman said: "We recently took in five rabbits that were abandoned by a family that bred them and then moved away.

"The landlord contacted us for help and advice. There were over 20 adults and babies left.

"We took in five females so this will cost us about £500 to spay, then a further £65 per rabbit to vaccinate against myxomatosis.

"We ask £50 donation per rabbit just to help towards these costs.

"We have several pairs of rabbits at the moment."

Bumble and Clover

George and Patrick

Crackle and Pop

Krispie and Cheerio

Bing and Crosby

Other animals East Coast Pet Rescue is looking to rehome.

Toby, Tommy, Pavlo and Lily

"We have four naughty little kittens looking for homes in pairs.

"They are full of mischief but very entertaining."

Siren, Harpie and Mermaid

"These are three beautiful, friendly cats.

"They are looking for an indoor home as it is all they have ever known.

"Siren would settle well into a family home but Mermaid and Harpie would prefer an adult home with older children.

"They can live with other pets."


"Rosie is a very friendly and playful ferret.

"She loves her playtime and cuddles in-between all her snoozes.

"She would like to find a home where she can be paired with another sociable neutered ferret for company."

Little Miss Pickles

"Little Miss Pickles is still with us, sadly there hasn't been any interest in her so far.

"She would love to find an adult-only home where she would be the only pet.

"She is very undemanding and is happy left to do her own thing."

If you would like to find out more about any of the animals email eastcoastpetrescue2021@gmail.com or find East Coast Pet Rescue on Facebook.

All adoptions are subject to a home visit and adoption fee.