A pair of "sweet-natured" dogs that have never been walked are looking for a loving home where they can stretch their legs.

They are among 18 pets which are currently up for adoption with East Coast Pet Rescue based in Great Yarmouth.

A spokesperson said: "Animals taken into our care are looked after in a home environment until they find their forever home.

"We have lots of animals on our waiting list so we hope to find families for the animals who are now ready for homes."

Here are the pets currently up for adoption.

1. Mac and Millie, dogs

"Mac and Millie are having their vet checks, vaccinations and dentals this week and then will be ready for a home.

"They are sweet-natured dogs aged eight and 10 years.

"They have not been walked in the past or had access to outside so they are not house trained and their new owner will need to be happy to continue their training.

"If you could offer these two little dogs a happy home then please get in touch."

2. Victoria and Albert, cats

"Victoria and Albert are five and eight years old and are looking for a home together.

"They were much loved pets but came to us after their owner sadly passed away.

"Hopefully we will be able to get them happily settled in a new home soon."

3. Delboy, cat

"Delboy is a handsome long-haired ginger cat.

"He has been used to living out on the streets so can be a little shy around people until he has got to know them.

"He is getting a little bored in a cat pen so hopefully will find his forever home soon."

4. Ivy, cat

"Is there a kind and understanding person out there who may give Ivy a chance at a happy home?

"She is our longest resident and came to us with some significant psychological issues.

"She is now doing brilliantly and we hope that she will have a chance of finding her own home.

"She is very loving and friendly and may benefit from being rehomed with another sociable cat. Ivy can't be rehomed with children and will need an indoor only home."

5. Dudley, cat

"Dudley is around nine years old and is looking for an indoor retirement home where he will get lots of fuss, attention and love.

"He is a happy friendly cat and someone will be very lucky to have him.

"He does have Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) which means his immune system has been weakened but this may not cause him any issues."

6. Strawberry and Mint, rabbits

"Strawberry and Mint are still hoping to find a home.

"They arrived here over three months ago now but so far have had no interest.

"They are friendly sociable rabbits and will need a home where they will have lots of space to play."

7. Horace and Bear, Guinea pigs

"Horace and Bear are a pair of bonded male guinea-pigs looking for a home together.

"They have huge characters and are very entertaining to watch and interact with."

8. Bing and Crosby, rabbits

"Bing and Crosby are bonded brothers who are looking for an indoor home.

"They are long-haired so will require some regular grooming to keep their coat matt free.

"As with all rabbits they will need plenty of space and when the weather becomes warmer they could be introduced to an outside space."

9. George and Patrick, rabbits

"George and Patrick are male rabbits who are looking for separate homes.

"They have both been neutered and are now ready to find homes where they can be bonded with their own female friend.

"If you have a lonely neutered female then please consider George or Patrick."

10. Snowdrop and Violet, Guinea pigs

"Snowdrop and Violet are approximately two to three years old.

"They are looking for a home together and could possibly live with another one or two female Guinea pigs."

All cats, dogs and rabbits are neutered and microchipped before rehoming and all adoptions are subject to a successful home visit and an adoption fee.

If you are interested in adopting a rescue animal please email eastcoastpetrescue2021@gmail.com for an application form.