After life in the fast lane a town’s retired racing greyhounds are hoping to live at a slower pace in new and loving homes.

Don’t let their speed put you off, because Great Yarmouth’s retired racing greyhounds would love nothing more than cuddles on the sofa.

Corinne Douglas is the voluntary coordinator of Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders which started around 1999 and takes in the dogs which have been given up by their trainers.

There are currently 15 greyhounds at its kennels waiting for their forever homes.

Ms Douglas said: “We rehome dogs which have finished racing at the track in Yarmouth and we pay for any injuries which they have sustained on the tracks.

“When they finish racing due to their age or any injury the trainer then pays £200 and we take them in. We have rehomed thousands dogs, over a 100 every year.

"They are such wonderful animals and pets. People don’t realise just how lovely they are.

“They are gentle 40mph couch potatoes and they love their comforts. They love settees and they only need two 20-minute walks a day.”

Here are seven greyhounds looking for homes:

Bert, male, four-years-old

“Bert is a stunning boy with a friendly nature.

“He is housetrained and happy to be left for short periods but does like the company of people.

“Bert could live with older children but would prefer a quiet, relaxed lifestyle where he can enjoy a couple of short walks and then laze about on the sofa.

“He can be anxious meeting other breeds of dogs so needs to be walked in areas where he can keep his space from them," she said.

Bertie, male, four-years-old

She added: “Bertie is a smaller, quiet boy who is good on the lead and doesn’t take much notice of other breeds of dogs.

“He can become anxious in certain situations and with loud noises so would appreciate a quiet home environment without children.

“Bertie needs a home with a decent garden as sometimes he isn’t confident to always go out for walks.”

Sprucey, female, three-years-old

Ms Douglas said: “Sprucey is a very small girl with a sweet, friendly nature.

“She enjoys being with you and going on walks.

“Sprucey is mostly good on the lead and is improving around smaller breeds of dogs. She could most likely live with a large male dog and with older children.”

Champ, male, six-years-old

“Champ is a very loyal and affectionate boy who needs an experienced large dog owner.

“He struggles with meeting other dog breeds so needs to live in quiet location away from too many dogs.

“He is a big lad and can be very strong on the lead when he reacts to other breeds.

“Champ could live with older children and possibly a female greyhound. He is housetrained and the perfect gentleman in the home," Ms Douglas explained.

Honey, female, six-years-old

“Honey is a stunning girl who is very loving and loyal to those she knows well and trusts.

“Honey needs an adult home ideally with only one or two people and with few visitors.

“She will be happiest as the only pet. She is good on the lead and is improving with other dogs of all sizes - if they give her space she doesn’t react.

“She is very clean indoors," Ms Douglas added.

Rueben, male, three-years-old

Rueben is a very handsome, affectionate young boy who needs an adult only home.

Ms Douglas said: “He really enjoys his walks and being on the go.

“Rueben needs to be the only pet in the home. He can be strong on the lead when seeing smaller breeds and wildlife.”

Elvis, male, eight-years-old

“Elvis is a very handsome and friendly boy who is looking for a new home after his owner sadly passed away.

“He is housetrained, easy going and happy for the quiet life.

“Elvis is very good on the lead and prefers to keep his space from other dogs, he may bark if they come too close. He would appreciate a quiet, relaxed home,” she said.

For more information or how to adopt you can visit Yarmouth Greyhound Homefinders website here,