An artist has led a group effort in telling the history of an urban community through eye-catching murals.

Artist Matthew Harrison visited Cobholm Community Centre in Great Yarmouth and with the help of residents painted a mural capturing the life and history of the area, including the devastating 1953 floods and a street party.

Mr Harrison said: "Everybody really enjoyed it and some people got into it.

"There were some young people who had a massive hand in the painting.

"It's important all the people involved had real ownership of the work and what went on the walls.

"It was a great week.

"It's hard to let the mural go though."

Cobholm Community Centre committee member Dawn Ryan said: "I'm really overwhelmed by how brilliant it is.

"It's more than what I expected.

"I'm loving all the comments from people coming in and saying 'that was my grandad' or 'I knew that person'.

"The locals love it.

"Everyone who has used the centre since the mural has been installed has said nothing but positive things.

"It's really brightened the place up."

Cobholm resident Chelsea Ellenden said: "I just loved it. It looks really good. I'm just a bit sad because it's been nice doing it with everybody.

"It's been good fun.

"It looks a lot better and it tells the story of Cobholm."

June Spruce, who has lived in Cobholm since birth and was taken outside of her bedroom window in a basket during the 1953 floods, said: "It's my history on a wall.

"When I look at each different picture, I know the people and the places.

"The only thing I don't recollect is the mill because that was here a lot longer than I was."

Samuel Jinks, from Freshly Greated, said: "The Cobholm community centre mural is a perfect example of outstanding community art.

"It really captures the Cobholm community, past and present and further reflects the passion and creativity of the people who helped design and paint it.

"This is exactly what the Freshly Greated programme is all about and we look forward to running more creative experiences with Cobholm residents in the years to come."