TOP secret government UFO documents out this week point to alien sightings in Great Yarmouth and elsewhere on the east coast.

Among thousands of pages of documents released by the National Archives three UFO reports showing how the resorts of Yarmouth, Lowestoft and Cromer were at the centre of UFO scares.

A report for September 13, 2003 describes a close encounter in Yarmouth. The report says someone saw an object that was “Bright as Mars. White light. Dim. Moved in a South East direction”.

Another, less detailed, report says another UFO was spotted over the coastal resort on October, 27, 2001.

The most detailed sighting involves Cromer in which a RAF officer reported seeing a UFO from his car on January 24, 2002.

In a document entitled report of an unidentified object flying officer Green says he saw eight or nine lights in the sky about four to five miles off the coast. He describes the UFO as a “like a large firework, too large to be flare”.

Among a range of incidents around Norfolk and Suffolk, there was also UFO sighting in Lowestoft on March 1 2004. A witness says the object was a “Yellow light in a circular formation. The flash shot across the sky.”

More than 8,500 pages of Ministry of Defence top secret UFO files are being released by the National Archives.

The largest disclosure to date of UFO documents includes RAF investigations, parliamentary briefings and government policy on UFOs.