A delighted family from Rollesby have welcomed back their pet piglets, two weeks after they went missing from their stable in Caister.

Karen Clarke, and her daughters Megan, 16, and Molly, 13, were heartbroken after their three-month-old pigs Tammy and Ruby were taken from their stable, believing that they would never see them again.

Last night however, Mrs Clarke received a call from a family in Lowestoft who had brought the pigs in a sale earlier this week.

Mrs Clarke drove to Lowestoft to pick up the piglets and bring them back home.

She said: 'I could not believe it when I got the call, I truly thought that they were gone for good. 'When I brought them back home Megan started crying, and both the girls were just so happy that they were back home safe.'

The pair were kept in a stable on a field off Pump Lane near the Caister bypass road on the A149.

They were believed to have been stolen between 7pm, on Thursday, October 1, and 8.45am on Friday, October 2.

Norfolk Police have confirmed that they are continuing their enquiries as to who took the pigs in the first place.

Anyone with information should call Norfolk Constabulary on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.