It may be nearing the end of October but it could feel like the middle of summer this week.

Norfolk may be as hot as places like Athens and Lisbon by the weekend with highs more than 20C forecast.

The balmy autumnal temperatures are "well above average" for this time of year, according to Weatherquest meteorologist Adam Drury.

He said: "Temperatures will continue to rise over the coming days, reaching highs of 17C on Tuesday before increasing to maximum highs of 19C by Thursday.

"By the weekend, the heat will continue to rise and we could see highs of 21C on Sunday."

This would mean temperatures would be 6C above the average for this time of year, which is normally 15C, making it feel more like summer time that Halloween.

Mr Dury added: "Coastal areas will likely be cooler but it is likely much of the county will see the warmer temperatures."

Perhaps there is time for one last barbeque before winter sets in then.