The new owners of a historic pier in Great Yarmouth have said they are "wasting no time" in trying to bring the facility back to its former glory.

The Britannia Pier was bought by Joseph Abbott and Joseph Manning from Triangle Amusements Ltd in December.

The duo has added the landmark to a portfolio which also includes Leisureland amusements on the seafront, as well as two other amusement arcades in Cromer.

The pair said they wanted to make the pier "something special" again.

Great Yarmouth Mercury: Britannia Pier co-owner Joseph Abbott.Britannia Pier co-owner Joseph Abbott. (Image: James Weeds)

Mr Abbott said: "There is much work to be done, but we are really passionate about this project.

"We want the Britannia Pier to be a prime attraction on the seafront and we want to bring quality entertainment to seafront."

Mr Manning said he was excited to bring new attractions to the funfair located by the end of the pier.

Great Yarmouth Mercury: Britannia Pier co-owner Joseph Manning.Britannia Pier co-owner Joseph Manning. (Image: James Weeds)

"We have so many ideas for this remarkable building," Mr Manning said.

"Over the year, we will be bringing new rides to the funfair to really get it glowing.

"We want to make the pier a prime location for both visitors and locals. And we want to upgrade everything eventually.

"We've already started on some areas and we're excited to see what people think."

The partners are in the process of renovating the pier's amusement arcades, updating the decor and bringing in new machines and equipment.

And they confirmed that summer shows would return to the pier's theatre this year.  They said they had "big plans" for the theatre's future.

Great Yarmouth Mercury: Old equipment has been cleared out of the Britannia Pier's amusement arcades.Old equipment has been cleared out of the Britannia Pier's amusement arcades. (Image: James Weeds)

Last Thursday, the pair also announced the reopening of Long John's Back Pier nightclub at the end of January. The nightclub had not consistently reopened since the onset of the Covid pandemic in early 2020.

The Pier Tavern also reopened on Saturday following its seasonal closure before Christmas.

In a joint statement, Mr Abbot and Mr Manning said: "We will be heavily investing in restoring and updating all aspects of the business - with the amusement arcades already having their renovations started.

"We are wasting no time getting things going this winter, and we look forward to re-opening fully just before the Easter holiday. We can't wait to share our progress with customers new and old."

Britannia Pier through the years

Proposals for the original Britannia Pier began in 1856. Two years later, on July 13, a 700-foot pier opened. However, in 1859, the pier's length was reduced following a collision with a ship during the Royal Charter Storm.

Great Yarmouth Mercury: FLASHBACK: Britannia Pier from the air, 2002.FLASHBACK: Britannia Pier from the air, 2002. (Image: Newsquest)

Following storm damage in 1868, the pier's length was further reduced and ultimately demolished in 1899.

Designs for the new Britannia Pier were draughted by Joseph and Arthur Mayoh and an 810-foot pier began construction in 1900. One year later, the pier opened with a temporary pavilion - with a permanent grand pavilion opening in 1902.

However, the pavilion was destroyed by fires in 1909, 1914 and 1954. The last fire also destroyed a grand ballroom which was never replaced.

Great Yarmouth Mercury: FLASHBACK: A fire-damaged Britannia Pier in 1954.FLASHBACK: A fire-damaged Britannia Pier in 1954. (Image: Archant)

The current pavilion - known as the Britannia Pier Theatre - has been standing since 1958.

Since the 1950s, the Britannia Pier has hosted some of the UK's biggest acts, including Russ Abbott, Jim Davidson and Jimmy Carr.

Great Yarmouth Mercury: FLASHBACK: Britannia Pier in 1967.FLASHBACK: Britannia Pier in 1967. (Image: Newsquest Archives)