A film commemorating the 70th anniversary of the 1953 floods and reflecting on 2013 and future challenges has been produced to support commemorations across the Norfolk and Suffolk coast.

The devastating North Sea flood of 1953 caused catastrophic damage and loss of life in Scotland, England, Belgium and The Netherlands.

It became one of the worst peacetime disasters of 20th Century.

In England alone 307 people lost their lives, many of those on the Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex coast.

The failure of any preventative measures meant that many people, children and adults alike, went to bed on that fateful night of January 31, 1953 not knowing of the devastation to come.

Coastal Partnership East, in partnership with the Anglian (Eastern) Regional Flood and Coastal Committee, is supporting schools, parishes, communities and others to remember those lost and those affected by the floods by providing a film that includes memories of those who were there in 1953 and stories from those who have captured memories of those no longer with us.

The film also includes reflections from some of those impacted by the 2013 East Coast tidal surge and takes a look at future challenges.

Richard Powell, the committee chairman, said: “We know that on and around January 31, many communities and organisations will come together to commemorate not only those who lost their lives but also those for whom the events of that night continue to live on in their memories 70 years later.

"The flood caused a major rethinking of coastal defences, weather forecasting and warning systems.

"Our film also takes the time to reflect upon the east coast tidal surge of December 2013, the largest flood event since 1953, and captures memories and stories from those impact upon by those floods as well as those involved in providing a response."

The film finishes with reflections on the challenges of the future and the impacts of a changing climate, increased storminess and rising sea levels on our coastal communities.

Great Yarmouth Mercury: 1953 FLOODS

The challenges of a changing climate

Karen Thomas, head of Coastal Partnership East, said: “It is important that we remember the events of 1953 and of 2013, those that were affected and the lessons that we learned from such devastating times. 

"Today we are facing the challenges of a changing climate, rising sea levels and increased storminess. 

"Our coast is one of the fastest eroding coasts in north-western Europe and the next five years are crucial in creating the tools needed to help vulnerable communities on our coast to develop, adapt and be sustainable for generations to come." 

Councillor Graham Plant, mayor of Great Yarmouth, said: “This a fantastic educational film about the catastrophic 1953 East Coast Floods that swept across the region 70 years ago, which sadly killed 300 people and made thousands more homeless. 

“We must continue to teach the younger generations about the history of our borough and recognise and acknowledge those that sadly lost their lives.” 

The film is available to download from www.coasteast.org.uk/resilience or a copy on USB stick can be requested from james.cochrane@eastsuffolk.gov.uk