"Keeping us in limbo is just cruel."

So said Ian Brennan, the chair of Save Hemsby Coastline, as the group prepares for the scheduled public meeting in the village on Friday.

Mr Brennan was by The Marrams this afternoon (March 14) to assist with emptying a resident's home, which currently teeters on the cliff edge.

For over the past two weeks, Hemsby has been battered by high spring tides and strong winds which has led to three homes being demolished and several residents evacuated from their homes.

The charity group Save Hemsby Coastline along with Hemsby Independent Lifeboat have organised an emergency meeting to discuss the village's next steps and plans to lobby the government for more much-needed support.

Great Yarmouth Mercury:

Mr Brennan said: "We're disappointed in the lack of activity

"It's been ten years we've been asking for sea defences. And there's been nothing put in place.

"We're seeing slow attrition of our coastline.

"Something needs to be done. It is absolutely cruel to leave it like this."

Mr Brennan fears the uncertainty of the future has damaged residents' mental health.

"It's immeasurable," he said. "And the people who have lost their homes have lost everything.

"The people who are living in the 92 homes still under threat are now looking out the window and seeing what their future looks like.

"The most frustrating part is that everyone knows what needs to be done. But it's still not happening."

Mr Brennan added that with the demolitions and a further seven Marrams houses possibly about to be condemned, "this is worse than the original storm surge in 2013".

Hemsby Independent Lifeboat has been assisting residents throughout the village's erosion troubles.

Helmsman Chris Batten said: "We are hoping to get as much local support as possible to show we are a unified front for all the work that needs to be done along the coast."

The meeting is being held at the L A Lounge at the Lacon Arms on Sea View Road from 7pm. The meeting will also be available on Zoom.

For more information, visit Hemsby Lifeboat on Facebook.