Former stockbroker Shaun Attwood has opened up about his unexpected transformation from aspiring Wall Street financier to notorious drug kingpin.

Shaun Attwood was once an ambitious young man who set his sights on the world of finance. In his teenage years, he sold candy for profit and developed an interest in the stock market.

But little did he know that his dreams of financial success would take a dark turn, transforming him from a stockbroker to a drug kingpin.

In a recent interview on NQI's Talking True Cases podcast, Mr Attwood detailed his journey from Wall Street aspirations to running a drug empire.

"I set my sights on the States because that was like the Mecca of finance, you know, New York. I'd seen the movie, Wall Street. Gordon Gekko. Greed is good. But my value system was warped," Attwood said in the podcast interview.

Instead of the Big Apple, Attwood ended up in Arizona as a stockbroker at a penny stock outfit, which he described as being run by a boss who resembled a mafia Don.

The work environment was intense, with power sales meetings and the belief that "lunches are for wimps". Brokers were encouraged to always be on their feet, smiling, and making calls.

In this high-pressure environment, Attwood found himself surrounded by the party lifestyle fueled by drugs and alcohol.

"I was fresh out of uni in my early 20s and I'm in this office full of feisty New York Italians, biker gangs are delivering crystal meth and cocaine," he recalled.

Embracing the lifestyle, Attwood began throwing raves and investing in ecstasy and the burgeoning technology market.

He experienced rapid financial success, living in a $1,000,000 house and enjoying the luxuries of his newfound wealth.

However, Attwood lacked the emotional maturity and common sense to understand the consequences of his actions.

"We think we're above the law, but it always comes to an end and that's what I tell the kids," Attwood said.

Over time, the pleasure of drug use gave way to pain, and his once-promising career in finance turned into a life of crime.

Shaun Attwood is now a renowned YouTuber, speaker, activist and author.

To hear the full account of Shaun Attwood's rise and fall, watch the Talking True Cases podcast above.