A section of the cliffs at Hemsby has collapsed after being battered by storms and weakened by coastal erosion.

A fallen cliff area at the Newport end of The Marrams was reported to the Hemsby lifeboat crew, which attended the scene yesterday evening (Wednesday, May 24) and made it secure.

A pathway above the cliff had collapsed, leaving overhanging concrete and presenting a danger to the public. 

A member of the public witnessed the collapse as it happened while walking on the beach.

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Great Yarmouth Mercury:

Dan Hurd, a member of the lifeboat team, said: "The road started to collapse last night, so the crews used machinery to knock off the parts that were jutting out over the beach."

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Great Yarmouth Mercury:

The pieces of concrete were then removed and the scene was secured, making it safe for the public to pass the area.

A blue water main line had been left exposed by coastal erosion in the area, and this was secured in order to avoid problems with the water supply nearby.