In 2002, the serene town of Soham in Cambridgeshire was forever changed by a devastating event that shocked the nation—the abduction and brutal murder of two innocent 10-year-old girls.

Now, in a compelling two-part short documentary series, former detective turned journalist, Mark Williams-Thomas, takes you on a journey to uncover the story behind the Soham murders.

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On Sunday, the 4th of August, Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells, inseparable best friends who shared a deep love for football and their cherished team, Manchester United, attended a barbecue at Holly's home in Soham.

Little did anyone suspect that this seemingly ordinary day would lead to such a heart-wrenching and sinister event.

At approximately 6:15 PM, the girls set out on a brief trip to the town to satisfy their sweet tooth. Their parents, believing they were playing together in Holly's bedroom, grew concerned when the girls were nowhere to be found by 8:30 PM. The police were immediately notified.

The town rallied together in a desperate effort to find the missing girls, and during this time, police spoke to a man named Ian Huntley, who worked as a school caretaker. He claimed to have seen Jessica and Holly on his doorstep and mentioned that they appeared happy during their brief interaction.

Great Yarmouth Mercury:

Huntley became an informal spokesperson for the town and regularly checked in with the police to stay updated on the investigation.

Both Huntley and his partner Maxine Carr appeared on television, and in one interview, he claimed he was desperately clinging to hope that the girls would be found unharmed.

Two agonizing weeks later, the lifeless bodies of Holly and Jessica were discovered. The nation mourned the loss of these innocent souls, and the quest for justice began.

Great Yarmouth Mercury:

As the truth came to light, it became apparent that Huntley had played a deceitful and sinister role in the girls' fate. Both Huntley and Carr were arrested in connection with the murders. It was revealed that Huntley had a history of troubling behavior, including allegations of inappropriate relationships with underage girls. The case shed light on the importance of scrutinising the backgrounds of those in positions of trust and responsibility.


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