The emergency department at one of Norfolk's hospitals has been named the best in the country in a recent patient survey.

According to a study conducted by the Care Quality Commission, patients in the A&E department of the James Paget have a better overall experience than anywhere else in the UK.

The claim comes from a bi-annual survey into urgent and emergency care which saw patients share their experiences with the regulator in several aspects of emergency care.

The CQC then collates responses to the questionnaire and scores hospital trusts out of 10 in different areas.

Last week, the results of the survey were published, revealing the Paget had been given a score of 8.3/10 for overall patient experience - the highest rating in the country.

The Gorleston hospital was also rated as "better than expected" in six categories; waiting times, care and treatment, tests, hospital environment, leaving A&E and overall experience.

Jo Segasby, chief executive of the James Paget, said: "This is an important survey which gives us a wide range of feedback from patients using our service, as well as an indication of how we are performing in comparison with other trusts.

"Patients taking part in this survey attended the hospital in September last year - a time when we were at the start of a prolonged period of demand.

"As such, it is really encouraging to see that our service is highly rated in so many areas - a testament to the dedication and professionalism of all staff who help patients access services through our A&E department.

"However, our performance in several areas saw a decline compared with our results from two years ago which perhaps reflects how increased demand is having an impact on patient experience."

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital received a rating of 7.4 for overall experience, while the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King's Lynn was not included in the survey.