A documentary about the Cromer Pier Show and post-Brexit Britain is coming to Norfolk cinemas.

Seaside Special, made by Oscar-nominated German filmmaker Jens Meurer, is being widely released across the country following several advanced screenings last year and earlier this year. 

Great Yarmouth Mercury: Comedian Paul Eastwood and dancer Emily Hardy in action. Picture - Instant Film & uMediaComedian Paul Eastwood and dancer Emily Hardy in action. Picture - Instant Film & uMedia (Image: Instant Film & uMedia)The film was shot during the 2019 summer season of the Cromer Pier Show - formerly known as the Seaside Special.

Mr Meurer provides an insight into Britain's last original end-of-pier variety show during the last days of Theresa May's ill-fated premiership.

He said: "Thematically, Seaside Special is about more than Brexit - Cromer and its theatre tackle important current issues in culture on a local, human level: 'real' live experiences versus digital values, authenticity, community.

"Seen through the lens of Cromer, these issues are in focus and part of the answer to the question of what makes a healthy society these days."

Seaside Special delves into a ‘microcosm of Brexit England’ and reflects on the impact of the changing political landscape as the theatre company prepares for their grand summer finale - in a chaotic and divisive climate of uncertainty and change.

A preview screening will take place at The Light cinema in Thetford on Thursday, November 9 at 7pm, before an official premiere at Great Yarmouth's Arc Cinema on Friday, November 10 at 7pm. 

There will also be a 'red carpet Q and A' with Mr Meurer at these screenings, as well as at the Light cinema in Wisbech on Saturday, November 11. 

There will be further screenings at the Picturehouse Cinema City in Norwich from November 10, Cromer's Regal Movieplex from November 11, and the Diss Corn Hall from November 29. 

On December 17 there will be a gala screening at Cromer Pier's Pavilion Theatre commemorating John Lee, from the town, who featured in the documentary before his death in August this year

Great Yarmouth Mercury: Cromer Pier at night. Picture - Instant Film & uMediaCromer Pier at night. Picture - Instant Film & uMedia (Image: Instant Film & uMedia)