It is a mystery which has locals stumped...

A bid to get permission from the local council to trim a huge oak tree in a quiet Bradwell cul-de-sac has caused intrigue after the resident in whose name it was lodged said he had no knowledge of it.

The application was made to Great Yarmouth Borough Council (GYBC) in the name of the homeowner on whose property the tree stands.

But that individual has raised concerns with the council, saying they did not seek permission and that their name has been used "fraudulently".Great Yarmouth Mercury: A view of the tree from the street in Turner Close, BradwellA view of the tree from the street in Turner Close, Bradwell (Image: Google)

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The application sought to trim down the tree - which has been protected since 1980 - by as much as three metres. Tree experts Farmland Forestry were given as the agents. 

The tree surgeon said the work would "reduce the weight and loading of the limbs" to leave the tree "sustainable, safe and healthy".

There were also fears it was suffering from the effects of climate change and it was believed it would recover well from the chop.

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However, the homeowner hit back at the application in an objection letter to the council, saying: "Someone seems to be fraudulently using my name to work on the tree on my property.

"This is not the first time that this has happened. I do not wish for this work to go ahead.

"The tree is healthy and is no danger to anyone or anything."

Great Yarmouth Mercury: The town hall in Great YarmouthThe town hall in Great Yarmouth (Image: Newsquest)

After reviewing the situation, GYBC's tree officer urged the authority to block the work, claiming it would have left large pruning wounds.

The official worried that cutting off much of its canopy may have led to the tree's "overall demise and removal".

The officer said: "By trying to solve/alleviate a proposed problem it would actually introduce a new problem."

After deliberation, it was decided to refuse permission to trim the tree.