People have been left "shocked and absolutely devastated" after part of a clifftop road collapsed and caused significant damage.

Power lines were brought down, cliffs were further eroded and three cars were left stranded as Hemsby was battered by a high tide and strong winds.

Great Yarmouth Mercury: New photographs show the extent of damage to the coastal community of Hemsby

Several feet of cliff and dunes were washed away on Friday as part of an access road to The Marrams collapsed into the sea.

Police cordoned off part of the road after it collapsed as a stretch of around 650ft (200m) of road fell onto the beach.

Great Yarmouth Mercury:

Some cars were stranded as significant damage was caused to the Hemsby Gap area and the surrounding dunes.

The Hemsby Lifeboat crew, which is independent and not part of the RNLI, were continuing to help residents reconnect water and power supplies throughout the weekend.

Great Yarmouth Mercury: Daniel Hurd, coxswain of the independent Hemsby LifeboatDaniel Hurd, coxswain of the independent Hemsby Lifeboat (Image: Brittany Woodman)

On Sunday, as efforts continued to reconnect water supplies, Daniel Hurd, lifeboat coxswain, admitted it was a scene of "devastation".

Mr Hurd said: "It is a disaster down there - an absolute mess.

"We've had no support whatsoever.

Great Yarmouth Mercury:

"We lost probably about 20ft (6m) to the north of the Gap.

"There are three cars still stuck, stranded in the middle, and we are trying to work out a way to get those vehicles out."

Simon Measures, chair of Save Hemsby Coastline, who lives on The Marrams, said: "It has gone from being a shock on Friday to an utter catastrophe.

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"We've had no real support down here at all apart from the lifeboat guys, who are trying to reconnect the water mains to the last few properties.

Great Yarmouth Mercury:

"I live just 20 metres from where the road disappeared.

"Within minutes people were saying that there was a crack in the road and then instantly it collapsed, it's gone.

"It all happened so quickly.

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"We've been speaking to the residents, checking they are okay, asking them if there is anything we can do.

"Daniel is a superhero, he and the lifeboat guys have been amazing."

Mr Hurd added: "Seeing people crying in front of you, seeing them unhappy as they are unable to get to their properties or there's no water supply, it is absolutely devastating."