A popular pub in the heart of Great Yarmouth is closing its doors while the venue still waits for a decision on a licensing hours appeal.

The managers of the well-known King Street pub Peggotty's (also known as Luck, Lust, Liquor and Grinds) announced the bar's closure on its Facebook page, stating: "It is with a heavy heart we announce we are closing Peggotty's after this weekend."

Peggotty's partner group, Stonegate, said it hopes the venue will reopen under a new tenancy soon.

Great Yarmouth Mercury: Peggotty's has long been considered a 'lively' venue in the heart of town. Picture - NewsquestPeggotty's has long been considered a 'lively' venue in the heart of town. Picture - Newsquest (Image: Newsquest)Director Gail Smith said in the Facebook post that since taking over the bar four years ago, 15 people have received cocktail training, eight people have had security training and two DJs have been provided with equipment.

Alongside the security training, Ms Smith expressed a desire to work with other venues to establish measures to pre-emptively deal with potential troublemakers.

Great Yarmouth Mercury: Peggotty's director Gail Smith. Picture - James WeedsPeggotty's director Gail Smith. Picture - James Weeds (Image: James Weeds)However, in July, Peggotty's licence was under review following reports of continued incidents of crime, disorder and safety concerns for vulnerable women, including one case of a woman reported to have been found having "soiled herself" and passed out at the back of the venue.

When the proceedings started against the bar it had the "worst record of incidents across the county" according to Norfolk police's licensing officer.

A total of 80 police incidents were reported at or around the pub between July 2022 and May 2023, resulting in officers calling for the venue's hours to be cut to reduce the issues.

The pub was told to call last orders at 1am, despite remaining open until 4am.

Ms Smith and her barrister appealed the licensing change and were still waiting for a decision on the appeal.

Peggotty's is run in partnership with the Stonegate Group, which oversees many pub businesses in the area and beyond.

A Stonegate spokesperson said: “We confirm the current tenant is leaving and we aim to get Peggotty's reopened as soon as possible as we recruit a new tenant.”

Peggotty's has been contacted for comment.