A seafront cinema will be opening its doors on Christmas Day for free for people who are either vulnerable, elderly, lonely, or without a home.

The Arc Cinema on Marine Parade in Great Yarmouth will be screening the films The Polar Express and newly-released Wonka and handing out complimentary snacks, gifts and food parcels.

Derren Hodges, the Arc's general manager, said: “In light of the ongoing challenges posed by the cost of living crisis, we wanted to provide a warm and welcoming space on Christmas Day for those facing difficulties in ensuring warmth and sustenance at home.

Great Yarmouth Mercury: Timothée Chalamet in Wonka (Image: Jaap Buittendijk / Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc)Timothée Chalamet in Wonka (Image: Jaap Buittendijk / Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc) (Image: PA)

"Our aim is to ensure that nobody within our community spends Christmas alone. We extend this invitation to everyone, especially those who may be particularly vulnerable or without a home.”

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Mr Hodges is actively seeking support from local businesses to ensure his goal that each guest on Christmas Day receives a food parcel and a gift.

He is also collaborating with Darren Wheeler, at GY Net, to organise a welcoming buffet for both invited guests and those referred by a food bank.

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A dedicated team comprising cinema staff and community volunteers will generously devote their time on Christmas Day to help ensure the event's success.

Local businesses interested in contributing items that can be wrapped and presented as Christmas gifts are encouraged to contact the cinema.

The free Christmas Day event doesn't require pre-booking.

Those in need are invited to arrive at 4.30pm for a 6pm screening of The Polar Express, starring Tom Hanks, and Wonka, which features Great Yarmouth-based herring drifter the Lydia Eva.

Additionally, an exclusive buffet starting at 5pm, organised by GY Net and a local food bank, is for invited guests.