An artist from Gorleston has been featured in a new BBC show presented by one of TV’s best-loved faces

Becky Hale, who works in addiction treatment, appeared in Monday night's episode of Touring Toolshed which is presented by Sir David Jason and Jay Blade.

Touring Toolshed sees the duo attend a craft, hobby or engineering fair to meet enthusiasts, tinkerers and crafters and call in some talented experts to help fix their problem projects.

In the episode, the pair ventured to the Midlands Air Festival at Radley Hall where they met Ms Hale.

Great Yarmouth Mercury: Ms Hale and her automata machineMs Hale and her automata machine (Image: BBC Pictures)

The show highlights one of her pieces, a bird automata machine, and the pair helped her bring her mechanical head back to life.

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She said: "I had a brilliant day filming, Sir David Jason and Jay Blades were both lovely and all the behind scenes folk were equally lovely, especially the cameramen who seem to have endless patience."

Great Yarmouth Mercury: Becky Hale and Sir David JasonBecky Hale and Sir David Jason (Image: BBC Pictures)

They were joined by Chris Margett from The Victorian Model Worskhsop who provided his expertise on motors and helped bring the creations to life.

Ms Hale added: "I'm most proud of the bird automata as it was quite a challenge, so it was nice for me to be able to show it on the telly."

The first episode of the series on BBC 2 aired at 6.30pm on Monday, January 22, and is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.