Norfolk has often been the butt of comedians' jokes.

But an equal number of celebrities have spoken fondly of our fine county.

From the good to the bad and the ugly, here is a list of seven times celebrities have spoken about Norfolk.

1. Jimmy Carr

Jimmy Carr is best known for his deadpan comedy - and his jokes about Norfolk have not been any different. 

He poked fun at Great Yarmouth before a gig in 2018, tweeting: “I’m in Great Yarmouth, an excellent place to perform comedy. Even the name of the town is sarcastic.”

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In 2021 while guest-hosting the Good Morning Britain weather segment, he said: "It's just one tiny little bit of Norfolk - that's awful. I could have told you that without looking at the map."

2. Hugh Jackman

Great Yarmouth Mercury: Hugh Jackman (right) watching a Wrexham game with Ryan Reynolds last summerHugh Jackman (right) watching a Wrexham game with Ryan Reynolds last summer (Image: Jacob King/PA Wire)

Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman's mother lives in Norwich and he has often been seen out and about while visiting her

In February 2023, Jackman was asked in a BBC interview with Laura Kuenssberg if he would be tempted to buy a sports club as his 'frenemy' Ryan Reynolds had with Wrexham.

He replied: "I've decided to go one step further - I'm actually gonna try out for the team.

"Delia Smith, Stephen Fry - I'm coming to try out."

3. Olivia Colman

Great Yarmouth Mercury: Olivia Colman comes from north NorfolkOlivia Colman comes from north Norfolk (Image: Ian West/PA Wire)

Multi-award-winning actress Olivia Colman has recalled her memories of growing up in Norfolk often.

In 2018, she spoke of her childhood while on the BBC One geneology show, Who Do You Think You Are?

She explained how she used to revise for her A-Levels on Holkham beach and said her first job was at the King's Arms, in Blakeney.

"My favourite childhood memory was going crabbing with my family,' she added. "We used to sit on a muddy bridge with a string and a bit of bacon and catch crabs, then do a crab race at the end."

4. Taylor Swift 

Great Yarmouth Mercury: Taylor Swift performed at Radio One's Big Weekend in NorwichTaylor Swift performed at Radio One's Big Weekend in Norwich (Image: PA Wire)

Taylor Swift took to the stage in Norwich in 2015 while headlining for BBC Radio One's Big Weekend.

She told crowds it had been "great to be in Norwich", and listed its "greenest grass", "wooden fences", "stone fences" and "old little church graveyards" as her personal highlights.

5. Jeremy Clarkson

Great Yarmouth Mercury: Jeremy Clarkson hates how hard it is to get to NorfolkJeremy Clarkson hates how hard it is to get to Norfolk (Image: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire)

In 2009, the controversial car fanatic wrote an article about the county.

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He said: "I like Norfolk. I like the way there are sex shops on every roundabout. I love the drainage system. I love the big skies.

"I go there every year to shoot pheasants in the face, and I like that too.

"What I emphatically do not like, however, is the sheer impossibility of getting there."

6. Janet Street-Porter

In 2019, journalist and Loose Women panellist Janet Street-Porter revealed she had moved to Norfolk.

She wrote in a national newspaper column that it was "exactly like The Archers".

She added that she decided to move to the county as she wanted "a life of splendid isolation".

7. Bimini Bon Boulash

Great Yarmouth Mercury: Bimini Bon Boulash grew up in NorfolkBimini Bon Boulash grew up in Norfolk (Image: Aaron Chown/PA Wire)

RuPaul's Drag Race star, Bimini Bon Boulash, comes from Great Yarmouth and spent a lot of their youth in Norwich.

They said: "I got barred from every club in Prince of Wales Road at one point as I didn't know who I was and had a horrible hairstyle and a lot of people gave me stick and I would get drunk and angry at 18.

"The security would radio through to say don't let the orange boy with red hair anywhere."