A new car boot sale is launching in Great Yarmouth this spring.

Yarmouth Heliport will start hosting a car boot sale on the first and third Sundays of every month.

It will take place at the North Denes Airfield, in Caister Road, with the first event being held on April 7. 

The North Denes Airfield fell out of use in 2015 but has recently come under new ownership.

The site's rejuvenation plans have included increasing community outreach to solidify the airfield's place in the town.

Great Yarmouth Mercury: North Denes Airfield captured at aerial view (Credit: Mike Page)North Denes Airfield captured at aerial view (Credit: Mike Page) (Image: Mike Page)

A spokesman for Yarmouth Heliport said last year: "Now is the time for local enterprise to engage to ensure the airfield is stitched into the fabric of Great Yarmouth for the future.

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"We are keen to speak with local people and be one of the leveraged conduits to commercial growth for the area and help deliver a year-round economy.

"The health of the site enhances the health of the town, and arguably, there has not been a better time to be involved with North Denes Airfield than now." 

The team hopes the car boot sale will be another way to honour this.

A statement released on Monday said: "After considering a number of ideas, and seeking to be community-led, we thought a spring, summer and autumn car boot sale would be a great place to start."

The car boot sale will begin at 7am.

Pitches cost £8 and can be arranged by messaging the Yarmouth Heliport Facebook page.