A team of volunteers who help keep people safe on Gorleston beach and out at sea has organised a major fundraising event.

Gorleston Coastwatch will be holding a variety show at the Gorleston Pavilion Theatre on Friday, March 22 from 7.30pm.

It features the James Paget Choir, vocalist Jessie Simmons, Isabella's Dance and Musical Theatre School, the Pot of Gold Shanty Crew, Jormungandr Austr Viking re-enactment, rap artist Magpie 32 and the Lincoln Skins country duo,

The National Coastwatch Institution, of which Gorleston station is number 24 of 60 around the coast of the UK, was formed in 1994 at a time when cutbacks and reorganisations were made with the Coastguard.

An incident in Cornwall prompted its foundation, when a fishing boat sank in view of a then unmanned Coastguard lookout. The local population then decided to man that lookout as volunteers and National Coastwatch was born.

The mantra of NCI is “Eyes along the coast” and the Gorleston station has been manned since 1995.

Volunteers keep a visual watch of their area of the beach and coastline and also monitor various VHF radio channels, including the distress channel.

The station is manned eight hours a day in the winter and 12 hours a day in the summer and is only closed on Christmas Day. The National Coastwatch institution is a registered charity and each station is responsible for raising its own funds.

Gorleston do this in various ways by carrying out bucket collections when it can and also giving talks to various clubs which sometimes generate a donation. 

Tickets for the variety show are available online at www.gorlestonpavilion.co.uk or from the Pavilion Theatre box office on 01493 66283, £17 per ticket