Two teachers were injured in separate safety incidents at a Norfolk school, including one reportedly hit by a fallen ceiling tile.

Great Yarmouth Charter Academy was served with a warning notice by union bosses following two safety incidents in the space of a week.

The school confirmed the "unfortunate and separate" incidents both happened in its science block - the newest part of the school which was built just four years ago.

The full nature of the incidents has not been revealed, but it is understood they related to building malfunctions and left two members of staff with injuries. 

The BBC has reported that one of the incidents had involved a fallen ceiling tile hitting a teacher, while a second saw another struck by a window as they tried to open it - according to an anonymous parent.

It resulted in the National Education Union (NEU) serving the Inspiration Trust with a notice under section 44 of the Employment Rights Acts - a measure taken when workplaces are considered to be unsafe.

It is believed one incident occurred on February 29, while the second happened within that same week.

An NEU representative said the Inspiration Trust, which runs the school, had responded appropriately to the incidents, which remain under investigation.

He said: "The school bent over backwards to make sure they met the terms of the warning."

An Inspiration Trust spokeswoman said: "The safety and wellbeing of students and staff is our top priority.

"We can confirm that there were two incidents at the school in the science block. These were unfortunate separate and unrelated incidents.

"Checks to the building were carried out by our estates team, as well as independent external contractors who responded very quickly to secure the site and gave the all-clear that the building is safe to work and learn in."