Drivers across Norfolk are warned to go slow on certain roads in the coming months as resurfacing work costing £11.785m begins.

Norfolk County Council's Surface Dressing programme, which takes place every year between April and September, will start up again on April 8.

This year, 280 miles of Norfolk's roads will get a new seal to help prevent potholes from opening up, extend the life of the road and provide a new skid-resistant surface to reduce the risk of accidents.

The new seal consists of a thin layer of bitumen and chippings which is laid on to the road to prevent water penetration.

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Norfolk County Council says people living along the routes will receive notification a day or two before the crews arrive.

People will be asked not to park on the road on the day of the surface dressing work or on the following day when surplus chippings will be swept up.

A 20mph speed restriction will be imposed during work and on freshly laid surface dressing for safety reasons.