A four-year partnership between James Paget University Hospital and Tesco stores that has benefitted scores of patients is being celebrated.

Tesco branches located in Great Yarmouth, Caister, and Lowestoft have been "dedicated allies" of the James Paget Hospital Charity.

Spearheaded by Maxine Taylor, charity manager, and contributions from community manager of the Great Yarmouth Tesco branch, monthly meetings yield creative ideas to improve patient care and experience.

Over the years, diverse donations from Tesco have served a wide range of hospital’s requirements.

Mirrors to support patient grooming on the wards, food and drink for raffle prizes and for nutrition and hydration week, teas and coffees for various events, and sponsorship for the Paget’s People award are among their significant contributions.

Additionally, the supermarket chain kindly presented pencils and activity books for the children's ward, and for The Cove.

They have even offered sweets to children to support the vaccination initiative.

The kind gestures have bolstered the hospital community and saved tens of thousands of pounds in costs.

To offer donations to the charity can contact Maxine Taylor at Maxine.Taylor@jpaget.nhs.uk.