A couple say their romantic getaway was ruined by a "dirt pit" caravan that was so “filthy” they had to clean it themselves. 

Charmaine Bell, 30, and Nathalie Berrisford, 37 spent £615 on their trip to Hemsby only to find the caravan had “wallpaper coming away from walls, mould in the corners of the room and sticky stuff in the fridge”.  

Despite complaining to 2C Holidays, the couple from Royston were told they could clean it themselves or spend another £300 to be upgraded to a new caravan. 

A spokesman for 2C Holidays said they “deeply regret” the property wasn’t fully prepared and the caravan owner was “mortified” the cleaner had let him down.  

Deciding to clean the caravan herself when they arrived on March 6, Miss Bell was offered £50 from the company for her efforts. 

“It has really upset me and my partner, we’ve been together 13 years and thought we’d have a nice holiday with the dogs,” she said.  

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“From the second we got to the caravan and walked in it was dirty.” 

The couple say at the end of their stay they were offered £75 compensation – but claim after the £50 for cleaning, this leaves just £25 for their inconvenience.   

“We couldn't pay out for a new caravan, there was literally nowhere else we could go, so it was very upsetting,” Miss Bell added. 

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A spokesman for 2C Holidays said: "The owner of the caravan was mortified to learn that he had been let down by the person due to carry out the start of season cleaning.  

"We acknowledge this oversight and are truly sorry for any inconvenience this caused. 

"Despite offering various solutions, including a full refund or relocation, Charmaine and Nathalie chose to stay at the caravan for the duration of their booking. 

"We were happy to pay compensation to the couple that was both fair and in proportion to the cost of the holiday and the inconvenience they experienced. 

"Given that the guests chose to continue their stay at the property, the full refund they requested was not appropriate.”