Police have closed off a house in Great Yarmouth due to the behaviour of people there having a "detrimental" impact on neighbours.

The property in North Quay was found to be having a "significant and detrimental effect on those living nearby" caused by criminal and anti-social behaviour. 

The distress has led Norfolk Police to issue a full closure order - with nobody at all now being allowed to be in the address for the next three months.

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The closing off of the house is hoped to put an end to the illegal behaviour in the area.

A Great Yarmouth Police spokesman said: "Closure orders are not considered lightly, and the decision to apply for one is made by authorities and support services working together.

"We take into account the wellbeing of both the occupant/s of the property and those who are affected by the activity taking place within it."

This comes just two weeks after another property in Cobholm was issued the same order after months of anti-social behaviour.