Great Yarmouth is set for a trip down memory lane as the mods and rockers return, this time not with parkas and punch-ups but rather with romance and sixties sounds.

The reincarnation of these youth groups is taking place at St George’s Theatre as part of a new musical, Juke Box Thrive, developed by four enthusiastic volunteers.

Set against the 1960s unrest of these restless youth groups, Juke Box Thrive is a Romeo and Juliet-themed love story.

The show features a 13-member cast, sixties backdrops and classic tunes to take audience members back in time.

Great Yarmouth Mercury: Isabelle Driver and Kieran Blount, the stars of Juke Box Thrive Isabelle Driver and Kieran Blount, the stars of Juke Box Thrive (Image: St George’s Theatre)

Ben Nash, the director of the show, said: “It’s been terrific creating this production from scratch with four people who have never done anything like this before.

“They’re all young, so they weren’t around in the 1960s.

"They had to research a lot of the background to the frustration and tension rising among young people in a fast-changing Britain.

“The result is a musical play that brings to life a period that many local people will remember.

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"It’s an engaging and heart-warming story, with music that takes you straight back to the age of the mini skirt and bob cut.”

The drama revolves around the unlikely romance between a rocker, Jenny, and a mod, Alex, played by Isabelle Driver and Kieran Blount, respectively.

Their love story unfolds amidst the intense rivalry of their clashing groups.

The theatre director, Debbie Thompson, said: “This remarkable production sprang from an idea that a group of enthusiastic young people came up with while they were volunteering at St George’s.

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"They were actually here to learn about what goes on behind the scenes but had this desire to create something for the stage that was relevant to their community.

The musical is scheduled to take centre stage at St George’s Theatre on Sunday, May 26 and Monday, May 27, starting at 7.30pm.

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