Changes to public transport in Bradwell could spell an end to 'difficult' bus journeys to and from hospital.

First Bus are planning to amend bus routes in the village by providing direct services from some parts of Bradwell to the James Paget University Hospital.

The announcement comes after local borough councillor Daniel Candon was contacted last month by residents who shared their concerns about the lack of a direct bus service to the hospital. 

Currently, First Bus operates two buses in Bradwell, the numbers 5 and 6.

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Mr Candon said it was an area "with a large elderly population, where many residents have to visit the local hospital".

He said that residents without a car have to make the trip by bus - but the existing services take them to Gorleston High Street where they have to change to another bus.

"It makes journeys to the hospital very difficult for those who may be in great pain, discomfort or distress," Mr Candon said. 

The changes to the services, which begin on Sunday, May 26, have been made possible thanks to new Herring Bridge and extra funding from Norfolk County Council and central government.