A plea has been made for armed forces veterans to attend the funeral of a dead soldier from Great Yarmouth.

Stewart Johnson died of a heart attack at his Nursery Terrace home on April 25. He was 78.

Originally from Luton, Mr Johnson moved to the area to retire with his late partner 15 years ago. Due to his having no family in Norfolk, a next of kin appeal was made following his death.

Great Yarmouth Mercury: Stewart Johnson: 5.10.1945 - 25.4.2024Stewart Johnson: 5.10.1945 - 25.4.2024 (Image: Submitted)His daughter, Lorraine Mirza, responded and said she was heartbroken when she heard the news.

"He loved living in Great Yarmouth. Loved his motorbike and going out and about on it.

"He served in the Army but he didn't really speak about it. He took us to the Berlin Wall when it was coming down in 1989. He said he used to guard it and that was the first time he told me and my brother he used to be a soldier. 

"Seeing the wall come down was a big event for him."

"He was very young at heart. Always fooling around. He used to dress like a 19-year-old in his Nirvana tops and Rick and Morty jacket."

Great Yarmouth Mercury: Stewart Johnson, left, at his daughter's wedding.Stewart Johnson, left, at his daughter's wedding. (Image: Submitted)One of six siblings, Mr Johnson was born and raised in Luton before joining the army at the age of 18.  Mr Johnson was awarded the general service medal with South Arabia clasp in 1962.

Mr Johnson transferred to the Royal Anglian Regiment in 1970 before leaving in February 1976, serving a total of 12 years with the British Army. Following his service, Mr Johnson worked at the Vauxhall car plant for 30 years.

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Great Yarmouth Mercury: Stewart Johnson (centre left) on his wedding day.Stewart Johnson (centre left) on his wedding day. (Image: Submitted)Mr Johnson's body was discovered by his neighbour and the chair of the Yarmouth branch of the Royal British Legion, Josie Fitzgerald.

Mrs Fitzgerald said: "Stewart sadly died alone and was on his own until we found him, that makes me feel so sad and hopefully we can make up for this to give Stewart a good send-off.

"His family would love for veterans to attend as well as any military people and Royal British Legion members.

"It would be lovely if we could get some Standard Bearers to attend too."

Mr Johnson's funeral will be held at 3.15pm on June 7 at Gorleston Crematorium.

He is survived by his daughter Lorraine, son Brian and grandchildren Zaina, Niala and Yusuf.