It is known as the bustling capital of the Broads, abuzz with tourists and rival traders touting for business.

But it seems that the lively centre of Hoveton can sometimes get a bit too lively and the competition between traders a bit too cutthroat.

Police are investigating after a row on the riverside next to Wroxham Bridge between an ice cream seller and a rival trader who accused him of taking his trade ended in violence.

The tussle between the pair took place in front of shocked holidaymakers and saw an ambulance called to treat one of them, who says he was briefly knocked out.

The incident happened just over the bridgeThe incident happened just over the bridge (Image: Mike Page)

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Rocky Start says he was on his first day selling ice creams from a specially adapted bike on Granary Staithe, next to the bridge which connects the twin villages of Hoveton and Wroxham.

He claims that other traders from the area were angry about his presence, fearing it would affect their own trade.

He says one approached him and told him to "f*** off" and leave the area".

"I was not on his land I was on council land, and was all properly licensed," Mr Start said.

"They just didn't want any other competition. I was confronted in front of several other people including my partner.

"My partner and the man went off so they could talk together, but he became confrontational with her too.

"I walked over to try and resolve the situation and explain there was room for everyone."

Mr Start, whom was knocked out in the incidentMr Start, whom was knocked out in the incident 

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The attempts at a peaceful resolution did not work though.

He added: "He walked straight up to me and headbutted me. He then punched me in the face where I went down, and was briefly unconscious."

He said he was forced to flee to the nearby Hotel Wroxham and an ambulance was called to treat Mr Start for a perforated eardrum.

The area is a popular spot for holiday makersThe area is a popular spot for holiday makers (Image: Denise Bradley)

The incident happened on Bank Holiday Monday and Mr Start said he returned to the spot the following week to trade.

However, he has since put his business up for sale.

A spokesman for Norfolk Police said:  "We were called at 12.10pm when two men were involved in a verbal altercation which became physical and a man in his 40s was injured.

He added: "The incident is currently under investigation."