A new play exploring the writer's struggles with mental health will debut at a Norfolk theatre this month.

The play, titled 'Matt', is the creative brainchild of Peter Dewar, a local writer who has drawn from his own battles with depression, anxiety and addiction to create a narrative infused with resilience, hope, and the transformative power of community.

Mr Dewar, who lives in Great Yarmouth, said: “The story not only mirrors my own quest for healing but also examines the universal pursuit of hope in times of adversity.”

He credited sharing his mental health experiences as a form of catharsis and hopes his play will inspire others facing similar struggles.

Great Yarmouth Mercury: Peter Dewar is a Great Yarmouth based writer Peter Dewar is a Great Yarmouth based writer (Image: Submitted)

The production will be held at St George’s Theatre on Friday, June 21 and Saturday, June 22 at 7pm.

In an initiative to make theatre accessible to all, the theatre is operating a pay-what-you-like policy, with all proceeds going to Northgate Hospital.

This facility, as Mr Dewar pointed out, played a significant role in his recovery journey.

Mr Dewar not only penned the script for 'Matt' but is also the director.

The South Norfolk-based production includes a cast of five professional actors, all hailing from Norfolk.

The production is funded by the Arts Council.

During Mr Dewar's recovery from addiction, he served as a volunteer at the very theatre where his play will now premiere.

He said "It was an experience that gave me a much-needed sense of purpose and community.

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"This evolved into a passion for stagecraft, and ultimately led me to write and direct Matt."

Debbie Thompson, theatre director at St George’s, said: “This is an important play about a subject that is rarely portrayed on stage in such a raw and personal way.

Mr Dewar has also initiated a Facebook group that provides a secure platform for people to discuss their experience and build a supportive community focused on well-being and mutual encouragement.