People were being turned away to attend a political rally that had Nigel Farage as the guest of honour in Great Yarmouth.

Four hundred and fifty people packed into Yarmouth Racecourse's Victory Bar to hear from the Reform UK leader, and the candidates from the town and Lowestoft.

Lowestoft candidate June Mummery opened the rally and talked about a change coming as Reform's campaign continues to gain traction. Yarmouth candidate Rupert Lowe then championed the town as people who "love England, love Britain and love your community" before welcoming Mr Farage to a large applause.

The Reform leader began by boasting about his party's performance in the latest YouGov poll following Rishi Sunak's manifesto launch.

"Nationally, we are just one point behind the Conservatives," Mr Farage said to applause.

"Something is happening. This party, this campaign has got real momentum. We are making an incredible impact."

Mr Farage told the crowd he believed Labour will win the upcoming general election, but his plan is to gain support nationally to make Reform a "true opposition".

The Reform leader spoke of immigration, re-establishing the fishing industry and overhauling the House of Lords as some of his aims if he is successful on July 4.

He later took questions before leaving the bar shortly after 8pm. After Mr Farage left, dozens of spectators also left, with around 250 staying behind to ask Mr Lowe further questions before the rally wrapped up around 8.30pm.

Mr Farage was escorted to a black jeep before it drove down the race track to a helicopter close to Caister.

The Norfolk rally followed a busy day for the party leader as he visited Barnsley in South Yorkshire and Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, earlier in the day.

A man in a red hoody hurled rubbish at Mr Farage's party bus in Barnsley before being arrested at the scene. At the Yarmouth rally, Mr Farage said he will not "give in to the mob".