For socially awkward customers who would rather skip the chit-chat while getting their hair done, a Norfolk hairdresser is offering a solution - a chat-free 'silent option'.

Emma Jarvis, who runs The Hair Base in Gorleston, has announced two new services - silent appointments and mirrorless sessions.

She said: “Not feeling the vibe? Having a quiet day? Just let us know, and your stylist will cut the chit-chat and find out the hair essentials to give you the results you desire.

"Whether you prefer a quiet, peaceful appointment or find mirrors uncomfortable, we've got you covered."

Hair Base staff at the Hair Salon Awards in 2023.Hair Base staff at the Hair Salon Awards in 2023. (Image: The Hair Base)

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The new silent appointments give clients the option to enjoy their salon experience without the usual chatter, making it a perfect retreat for those seeking peace and relaxation.

Ms Jarvis said: “If you're looking for a relaxing way to get your hair done without the need for conversation, a silent hair appointment may be just what you need.

"We offer silent appointments because we understand that not everyone wants to socialise while in a salon." 

Some clients don't enjoy staring at themselves, or they may find mirrors overstimulating, while others might not want to socialise while in a salon. 

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That’s exactly why Ms Jarvis has transformed her chair inside The Hair Base into a safe place for customers who can opt out of the small talk and the mirror.

Ms Jarvis said: "Some clients have mentioned that they feel uncomfortable looking at themselves for hours, so we launched the mirrorless service.

"It's a simple yet effective option to eliminate self-judgement and create a more confidence-boosting salon experience.

"It is also great for hair style transformation clients, who may want to enjoy a big reveal at the end of their appointment," she said.