The Olympic dream of a martial arts world champion has been dashed for 2024.

But with the recent addition of a new championship around his waist, Gorleston 16-year-old Gerard Knight remains focused on making his dream a reality.

Gerard, who took up martial arts to help fend off bullies, celebrated success in Cardiff for the Welsh Open two weeks ago. The plucky karate kid and kickboxer left the tournament with silver and gold medals and is now the Welsh Grand Champion in kumite karate.

Gerard Knight with his spoils following his bouts in Cardiff.Gerard Knight with his spoils following his bouts in Cardiff. (Image: Abi Knight) "It was tough. My ribs took an absolute pasting," he said.

"I was told it would be OK for me to stand down. But I kept pushing through.

"Championships keep me motivated, and I still have eyes on representing Team GB at the Olympics."

Gerard Knight competing at the Welsh Open in Cardiff.Gerard Knight competing at the Welsh Open in Cardiff. (Image: Submitted) Gerard will next compete in August at the European International Martial Arts Games held in Buckinghamshire.

Last year, Gerard fought tooth and nail to compete at the World Martial Arts Games in Florida. After being selected for the tournament, he visited businesses across Yarmouth and Gorleston and raised £4,000 to cover the cost of transatlantic flights and accommodation.