A dog who was rescued after being trapped in a burnt out building for four days has been put to sleep. 

Husky-cross Alfie was rescued on Wednesday evening from the building on Northgate Street in Great Yarmouth that burnt down on June 22. 

Elvis Smith, who lived next door to the property, heard Alfie's cries for help upon returning from holiday.

Alfie was heard crying for help from within the burnt out building (Image: Elvis Smith) After saving him from the building, Mr Smith took Alfie to a local vet who transferred him to the Gorleston Veterinary Hospital where he is said to have had a stable night.

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But yesterday it was decided that due to a combination of pre-existing health conditions and the injuries and trauma suffered from the fire, the 15-year-old dog would be put to sleep that afternoon.

Alfie was put to sleep on welfare groundsAlfie was put to sleep on welfare grounds (Image: Elvis Smith) A spokeswoman for the RSPCA, who offered guidance to the vet, said: “Sadly Alfie was an elderly dog and was very poorly, he was unable to get up by himself or walk unaided and he also had a large ulcerated mass/tumour on his body. 

"A vet made the decision for him to be put to sleep on welfare grounds and to prevent him suffering further.

"He passed away peacefully in the hospital’s enclosed garden with staff around him.”