Lego has been asked to build a scale model of erosion-threatened homes on the Norfolk coast. 

The plans are part of a larger effort to highlight the problems facing residents of Hemsby by the Sir David Amess UK Children's Parliament, which held a meeting last week with local campaigners.

The interactive model would feature a Lego recreation of the cliff edge with houses placed at scale, providing a visual representation of the erosion problem.

In January, members of Save Hemsby Coastline went to 10 Downing Street to deliver a petition to Rishi Sunak asking the government to take urgent action to install sea defences in the village.

But on Wednesday, June 26, the campaigners had a meeting with another prime minister, the child prime minister, 11-year-old Clark Dearson.

Clark Dearson, 11 years, Prime Minister of UK Children’s Parliament. Clark Dearson, 11, is prime minister of the UK Children’s Parliament (Image: Sir David Amess UK Children's Parliament)

The Children's Parliament was set up in 2021 for children aged seven to 11 years old and is named after one of its founders, the murdered MP Sir David Amess.

During the meeting, the young people's PM suggested the campaigners "could always involve children" in their projects.

"I think it would gain more popularity if you could display artwork created by local children on the berm," he said.

Katrin Eindorf, Spokesperson, Lodge Park Homes/The Dunes with Simon Measures of Save Hemsby Coastline. Katrin Eindorf, spokeswoman for Lodge Park Homes/The Dunes, with Simon Measures of Save Hemsby Coastline (Image: Sir David Amess UK Children's Parliament)

Last year, Hemsby was refused funding for a planned rock berm, as the £15m scheme would only qualify "where hundreds of homes are at risk".

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The discussions were held in preparation for a two-day "Cobra meeting" scheduled for September.

Co-chaired by Baroness Uddin and Anna Firth MP, the Children's Parliament All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) will bring together 30 young parliamentarians from across the UK and the Hemsby area.

Homes perched on Hemsby's coastline Homes perched on Hemsby's coastline (Image: Mike Page)

The young leaders hope to propose viable solutions for what many have termed a "climate refugee" situation in the Norfolk coastal village.

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Hemsby Primary School will play a role in the discussions, with child MPs from the school participating.

Headteacher Donna Walker said: "I am glad to see that child voice is being considered in the matter of coastal erosion for our locality, which, as you will understand, is affecting our community tremendously."

The event will be hosted by Lodge Park Homes, the developers behind The Dunes.