Great Yarmouth's new MP says he is ready to shake up the political status quo as he begins a hunt to buy a property in the constituency.

Rupert Lowe clinched the seat for Reform UK after nudging Labour into second as the Tories came third in the coastal constituency, previously held by the Conservative's Sir Brandon Lewis.

Mr Lowe, 66 and the former chairman of Southhampton Football Club, says that the key to his electoral success was that his party had tapped into people's mood for change and being fed up with the Tories and Labour.

The father-of-four said:  "I think the key issue is that people can see they are not being well-led and they want change and what they want to do is take back control of their country and that was not going to happen under the existing duopoly of the two-party system.

Rupert Lowe with Reform leader Nigel FarageRupert Lowe with Reform leader Nigel Farage (Image: James Weeds)

"I have really enjoyed meeting the people of Great Yarmouth, they are proper people, they love their country, you see a lot of Union flags around.

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"I think they have got their feet on the ground and I think it is very fitting that a constituency like Great Yarmouth is the first to see a radical change in the way we are governed is needed."

As well as preparing to take his seat in parliament Mr Lowe is on the hunt for a place where he can stay in the borough.

Ann Widdecombe and Rupert Lowe riding the Joyland snails (Image: Reform)Ann Widdecombe and Rupert Lowe riding the Joyland snails (Image: Reform) (Image: Reform)

Mr Lowe said: "I never said I would move to Yarmouth, what I said is I would buy a property in the constituency, which will be necessary because I will be there.

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"But I also have got a big job to do in London because Great Yarmouth can't thrive until we sort Westminster out.

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"I think the message from the Great Yarmouth constituency when I was going around is that we can help Great Yarmouth a lot more if we can sort the way Westminster operates, the civil service.

"At the moment that has become a self-serving two party state, it does not matter if it is the red or the blues.

"I don't think they have served the British people well."

MP Rupert LoweMP Rupert Lowe (Image: James Weeds)