A man who wrote a play about his experiences with severe depression has donated more than £1,500 to the hospital that helped him recover.

Peter Dewar became hooked on prescription painkillers and spent weeks recovering at Northgate Hospital in Great Yarmouth.

Mr Dewar then wrote a moving play about his personal battle with depression and the impact it had on his family.

Mr Dewar's play, Matt, was staged for two nights at St George’s Theatre, Great Yarmouth, in June.

Ticket sales and donations amounted to £1,553.40 which he has donated to Northgate Hospital.

He said: “I would never have made it without the help I received at Northgate and the support of my parents.

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"Writing Matt was hard but it helped me to process what happened."

Donna Parkin, deputy business support manager at Northgate Hospital, said: “It’s great for this hospital to receive donations like this and it will go a long way towards helping patients here."

The play, funded by the Arts Council, featured five professional actors and was directed by Mr Dewar.