A decade of successes for Hopton Ghosthunters

THEY have spoken to people from beyond the grave, helped provide answers about spooky behaviour and now a group of ghost hunters are celebrating 10 years of investigating paranormal activity.

Hopton ghost hunters was formed a decade ago by Neil Brown, 37, and his wife, Sandy, 35, who live in Old Church Road, Hopton.

“We have an elite group of eight to 10 investigators and then a few more members who come along to charity events. In our group we have IT professionals, a baker and an accountant,” Neil said.

The group uses video, sound and photography equipment to take readings.

Neil said: “We investigate anywhere we get called into - we go to clubs, pubs, houses and theatres - anywhere we think that is going to be haunted.

“During an investigation we have conversations with spirits but it often takes a few visits. When sprits hide things it is usually because they want certain things in a certain place.

“We have got video evidence of humanoid shapes and figures and several pictures.”

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After the investigation, which can take up to two weeks, the group produce a DVD and a write up.

Neil added: “If there’s something there we can also have the building cleansed but usually spirits just want to be listened to.

“It’s not for profit, it’s all a hobby - we enjoy helping people. It’s a big commitment and we spend quite a lot of money on equipment.

“We started the club because my wife had an experience when she was nine years old. She saw her uncle after he died and he said hello to her.”

Mr Brown, who was an IT technician, has encountered a bad experience with a spirit where he felt sick, dizzy and sapped of energy.

He said: “Most of the time they take your energy to make a point.

“We have gone on holiday where we have found things but usually out investigations are carried out in Norfolk.

“There are a lot of ruins in the county. We hold ghost walks where people come along and see what we do.”

To find out how you can get involved see http://facebook.com/hoptonghosthunters