Is this your bike? Anger over abandoned bicycle in Great Yarmouth


A bike that has been left locked to a lamppost for weeks is frustrating residents on a road in Great Yarmouth.

The black bike is secured to a lamppost on the pavement in Malakoff Close and has been there for several weeks.

Charles Brodie, who lives on the road, said the bike had been there for seven weeks and is posing a hazard to disabled people like himself.

He said: “It’s has been reported loads of times because everybody is complaining about it around here.

“It’s a total hazard. I’m disabled and when I go down the stairs I need that lamppost to hold onto.

“There’s people with their electric scooter things too and they’ve got a hell of a job to drive a halfish circle to try and get around it, because it’s overlapping the footpath.”

Mr Brodie added that the way in which it was initially left indicated that it was not going to be collected.

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He said: “When it was first chained up on there it had a notice and a very heavy duty lock, and the notice on it said, ‘free, help yourself.’

“Now how can you help yourself when it’s chained? So it is obvious to everyone and the council that nobody owns the thing.

“Whoever has put it there has stolen it and put it there for a laugh.”

But Great Yarmouth Borough Council said the bike was first reported in mid-July and a 30-day notice was in place until August 15.

A spokesman said: “The bicycle is in a reasonable condition and has been locked securely to a lamppost, which would indicate that it is potentially someone’s valued property, as opposed to a wrecked, unwanted bike that’s just been dumped.

“In line with our normal process for dealing with items of possible value which have been left on community housing estates, we are giving the owner a reasonable opportunity to claim it before it’s removed.

“A notice was placed on the bicycle itself along with stickers requesting information to help us trace the owner. Letters were also sent to the block of flats nearby.

“In the meantime, the council does not consider it to pose a hazard to pedestrians – otherwise it would have been removed swiftly without the 30-day notice period.”