Acle Guide commissioner Sue gets a rousing farewell

LOTS of whispering and secret emails meant more than 100 leaders, Guides, Rainbows and Brownies managed to spring a surprise party on Acle District Commissioner Sue Goodchild to mark her retirement later this year.

A commissioner for five years, Sue joined guiding in 1994 when Pat Bennett and Kate Ashcroft asked her to begin 1st Freethorpe Guides. The unit opened with her two daughters, Pat’s two daughters and four friends. It then grew and grew and had a waiting list.

Sue left to become District Commissioner, taking the district from strength to strength, ensuring every one of the units had warranted leaders and over night campers licences. The units were Rainbow, Brownie and Guides units from Lingwood, Acle, South Walsham, Freethorpe and Strumpshaw. She had one of her guiding peaks in August when she took part in a ten day trip to Our Chalet in Switzerland with 40 Guides.

Dawn George (current Freethorpe guides leader) and Teresa Bindley (district secretary) organised the party which was attended by the original Guides and their children.

Sue arrived with her daughter and grandson and was thoroughly shocked on entering a darkened room when everyone shouted “surprise!” The evening was full of thank yous from each unit in the form of poems, songs, gifts and a buffet.

Pictured is Sue as she stepped through into the darkened room with grandson Ralph Myhill.