Acle police issue warning over laser jammers

DRIVERS who use laser jammer systems to confuse police speed guns are being warned to remove the devices or face getting a criminal record.

The warning from Acle Road Policing follows the conviction of a 53-year-old man at Norwich Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

Kevin Cotton, of Horses Head, Upton, denied obstructing a police officer during speed checks on April 9 2011 but was found guilty.

The court heard how PC Chris Harris and Sgt Geoff Bowers had been carrying out speed checks on the A47 in Acle when they failed to get a lock on Cotton’s Mercedes E350.

The car was subsequently stopped and found to be fitted with a high-tech laser jamming device which alerts drivers to laser speed detectors and temporarily prevents it from taking a reading, allowing the driver time to slow down.

The device can be purchased and fitted to a vehicle for around �355 and while it is not illegal to own or install such a device on a vehicle it is an offence to block police speed guns.

Cotton was fined �800 and ordered to pay total costs of �215 for obstructing police. He also pleaded guilty to speeding and was fined a further �60 and given three points on his licence.

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PC Chris Harris said: “Drivers using these devices clearly have the intention of speeding which puts themselves and others in danger.

“I hope this case acts as a warning to others considering using laser jamming devices and we will continue to take firm action against offenders.”