Children's kindness to disabled man 'melts heart' of carer

Mason and Paul enjoyed a kick about in Bradwell with local youngsters.

Support worker Mason has hailed the inclusive attitude of children playing at the Mill Lane park in Bradwell for making Paul's day. - Credit: Supplied by Mason

A carer has told how his heart was melted when a group of youngsters in a village park went out of their way to include a disabled man and make his day.

Support worker Mason was at Mill Lane playing field in Bradwell with Paul who has Down's syndrome, when a group of around 30 youngsters began smiling and waving and generally being friendly.

In time they joined Mason and Paul for a game of football, cheering the 20-year-old who loved being included.

Writing on Facebook he said the children's parents should be proud of their "polite and inclusive" teenagers.

He said each child made the effort to say hello, smile, and wave as they made their way round the park playing on the apparatus and having a kick about.

"Pretty much all of them came over, asked if they could join in and play football with us," he said.

"They all politely took turns and included the guy I was supporting - each time he scored they cheered and complimented him on his skills.

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"This not only melted my heart, but it made his day.

"He has very limited communication, but you could clearly see how happy he really was.

"This was all because of the children’s act of kindness and how he felt included.

"As we came to the end of having a kick around, we passed the ball over to the guy I was supporting, brought him close to the goal and he scored - all of them really cheered.

"Afterwards, I explained we had to go and they all waved goodbye.

"Walking back to the car, I could not wipe the smile off of his face.

"Parents, please be super proud of your children. This has really let off a good vibe about the youth we have in the area."

He said he couldn't thank the children enough for what they had done for Paul who left the park beaming, sounding the car horn as they drove away.

"They helped me to support Paul on that day," he said. "It was just such a rewarding experience.

"We shouldn't really have to thank them but it is about teaching the children to be more accepting and rewarding, then they will learn from that."